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This is the administrative web presence for the General Grand Council. A dedicated resource for Grand and Subordinate Recorders, Grand and Suboridnate Council Leadership, and Cryptic Masons world-wide.

About The GGC

Councils of Cryptic Masons form the center body of the York Rite of Freemasonry, and are the pinnacle of Craft Masonry. A Master Mason may join a Chapter of Royal Arch Masons and receive the four degrees of that organization. After which, he may seek further knowledge in Freemasonry and join a Council of Cryptic Masons.

Our Service

We provide services in general to all of the Masonic Family. Our first and primary duty is to the Members of our Grand and Subordinate Councils, then to Cryptic Masons and our Charity.

Grand Councils

Three or more Councils within a Masonic Jurisdiction that are affiliated and comprise the General Grand Council.


Our direct or Subordinate Councils are at work in places where a Grand Council has not yet been established.

Cryptic Masons

Every regular Royal and Select Master worldwide that supports the pinnacle degrees of Craft Masonry.

Masonic Family

The root and trunk of the Masonic tree has many branches that stem from the same three degrees and teachings.

Our Direction and Goals

Effective and intentional communication can overcome most obstacles and conflict – as we are taught in Masonry. We develop and improve our abilities and resources to accomplish things interactively.

Leaving no relevant question unanswered and providing accurate and complete records will preserve our work and open new opportunities for growth.

Preservation of our traditions, works and ritual is served by utilizing available resources and technologies to ensure that we are all aware of not only the record, but also the intention.

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